Also known as frequently asked questions

Q: How is Willa different from any rented apartment?

A: Moving can be a pain in the ass, finding the right neighborhood, the right building, the most beautiful apartment.  Here at Willa - we take care of everything for you -we hunt the best and most unique buildings, decorate them with love, and create the perfect home.  You just sit back and relax.

  • We make sure you are never bored with our daily event schedule of the coolest activities, events, workshops, wellness sessions, and more. We know that you spend your whole life pleasing others and now it is your time to shine!

  • And just INSIDE! Willa is scouring the neighborhood and finding the best cafes, restaurants, museums - basically THE places to be.

  • Remember when things break in your house?  Finding the right person, scheduling, dealing with the mess, and the headache. as a Willa resident, you have 24-hour service for any issue!  Just tell us what bothers you and we will fix it.


Q: Are the apartments for rent or sale?

A: Willa apartments are for rent.  Choose the flexibility you want without the stress of a commitment with our short-term (1-3 months) and long-term (annually) leases.  You are in control if you want to extend your stay or end it (although, seriously, why would you?).


Q: Are pets welcome? 

A: YES! Pets are more than welcome - with their own special membership, they will be the hit of the building :)


Q: Does Willa provide medical services?

A: No - that’s not what we’re here for.  We switched out the doctor’s room with a DJ stand.  We are strong believers that being social, eating healthy, and a preventive medicine environment result in longer and happier lives, so all of this will be available in each location.


We are also big believers in using technology to improve our daily lives and we will be installing remote medicine platforms to connect with the best doctors from leading hospitals around the world.  And remember the 24-hour service from before?  It works here too if you need us for anything personal.


Q: Are visitors welcome?

A: Of course! We welcome your family with open arms into our family.  Sleeping arrangements are based on availability and can be coordinated with your community manager.


Q: What else is included?

A: Willa is much more than an apartment - it is your individually curated, hassle-free lifestyle and personal growth platform.  You are welcome to enjoy your fully furnished apartment with a fully equipped kitchen, utilities, private gym, wellness center, in-house restaurant, weekly cleaning service, laundry services, and so much more!


Q: How big are the apartments?

A: Just like our residents - our apartments are very varied.  While 4 categories are averaging 65 meters, your private experience manager will talk to you about what is important to you and handpick the perfect place for you.  


Q: Is there an age limit?

A: No.  While Willa is built with 55-75 years old in mind, we would never limit you.  As long as Willa works for you, you are welcome.


Q: What if I’m not ready to commit?

A: Short term is the perfect solution for those who got bit by the travel bug.  Come and grab one of our short-term apartments for 1, 2, or 3 months.  Flexibility is a key part of what you get to enjoy as a Willa resident.

*At the end of your lease, you may extend your short-term lease or move into a long-term apartment should one become available.  


Q: What does the Willa Porto location look like?

A: Not only is Willa Porto located in the heart of the city, but it is also actually a multi-building structure that surrounds an entire courtyard.  YES!  You read correctly, in the heart of the city of Porto there is a building with 38 apartments which surround a quiet and private courtyard with a beautiful garden full of trees, flowers, and edible plants and vegetables - and it’s all exclusively for Willa residents.


Q: Where is the building located?

A: Bairro do Silva is located in an exclusive location that combines the excitement of the city with the calmness of home. Located on a historic Porto Street in a cosmopolitan quarter just steps away from the UNESCO World Heritage section.  And with the Metro right by your doorstep, you are essentially minutes from any spot in town.  


The building is designed with a ‘respect and appreciation’ mindset which is intended to maintain a communal ambiance that has always been present in this quarter while introducing the necessary characteristics to answer some of today’s daily necessities - preserving history with a modern twist.


Q: Is there a deposit?

A: Our first building (Porto) will be opening in February 2022.

To reserve your spot and join the waiting list, please contact us.


Q: What happens if I need assistance with something in the middle of the night?

A: You will always have access to a Willa customer service member 24/7.  When we say hassle-free life - this is a big part of it!


Q: Can my visitors join me for a gym session or yoga class?

A: OF COURSE! We are all here to experience new things and grow and your visitors are welcome to take part.